Regulation of the contest show « CHEFI LA CUTITE»


Chapter I. Development of the contest show:

The contest show called «CHEFI LA CUTITE» also hereafter referred to as show/contest-show/tv program, is carried out by the company « Antena TV Group S.A », a stock company set up and operating in accordance with the Romanian legislation, with registered office in Bucharest, District 1, 44A Ficusului Avenue 4A, area 2,registered with the Trade Register Office attached to Bucharest Tribunal under no J40/3765/1991,having Sole Registration Number  1599030, and bank account RO52BRDE450SV01035954500 opened with BRD – GSG – SMCC, acting by any of its representatives or persons appointed for the production of the Show and the related team, hereinafter referred to as the Producer/Beneficiary.

« CHEFI LA CUTITE » Tv show is a television show whose objective is to bring before the viewers both kitchen professionals, as well as amateurs passionate about culinary art, who display their talent before some professionals in the field and compete in order to show who is the best of them.

The organizers are looking for persons who are in the same time funny, attractive and charismatic, who are generally atypical by the way they perform or present themselves. Anything that proves originality and creativity shall be highly appreciated.

The persons that register shall compete among them for the prize laid on the line by the Producer.

Even if we talk about auditions, they shall be shot and parts of these shootings may be broadcasted within the show, at the Producer’s option. For this reason it is important that each participant to the auditions comes dressed just like he would want to be seen by the jury, but also by the audience. Therefore, everyone must consider the look that puts him/her in a good light and helps him/her stand out.

The development of the contest that makes the object of «CHEFI LA CUTITE» tv show shall be made through the tv station “ANTENA 1”, for the first broadcasting.

The contest making the object of «CHEFI LA CUTITE»  tv show shall be carried out in the period April 1 – May 31, 2019.

The producer of «CHEFI LA CUTITE» tv show» is the only one authorised to bring amendments /supplements to the script, direction, contest regulation and any other elements of the contest show or to the activities that are related to this contest show.

It is necessary that each person that comes to the pre-selection should be 16 years old on the date of registration in the contest, and produce an identity document.

Both Romanian citizens as well as persons of another nationality can register in the contest.

Anyone can register in the contest, whether he is a professional in the field, or just an amateur passionate about cooking.

In case you will pass the first stage, if you are not from the city where any of the stages of the contest show are carried out, you must take into consideration a place to stay overnight. If you do not have the possibility to take accommodation, please inform the organizers on this matter to try to settle the issue.

« CHEFI LA CUTITE» TV show is developed in 6 (six) stages:

Stage no.1 : Pre-selections

In the pre-selections stage each of the persons that want to participate have the chance to come before a jury appointed by the Producer only for this stage, composed of  producers, specialists or stars of Antena 1 station. Auditions shall be carried out on sites established by the Producer, in the period April 1 – May 31, 2019.

In this stage the registration procedures shall be developed and an interview based selection shall take place. The experience of the participants, their passion for cooking, their charisma, the manner in which they come before the jury and their desire to win shall be considered.  

Following the developed pre-selections, the jury appointed by the Producer for this stage, after viewing and analyzing the records, shall select a number of contestants, at the Producer’s option, that shall go to the “Auditions” stage.

Stage no.2 : Auditions

In the auditions stage with jury all the teams that have passed the pre-selection phase shall participate. Auditions shall be developed in Bucharest.

In this stage each contestant shall have the obligation to cook in a pre-established time, respectively one hour, a prepared dish chosen by the Producer out of 3 dishes proposed by the Contestant. Each dish shall be presented to a jury composed of 3 (three) Chefs, chosen by the Producer of the show, without the Jury knowing the contestants. The 3 (three) Chefs will taste each dish presented and will vote with Yes or No. Because there are 3 (three) Judges, at least two similar votes will decide the faith of each contestant.

Contestants having at least two votes of YES will pass to the next stage.

Stage no.3 : Bootcamp

In Bootcamp stage, the contestants that have passed the Auditions stage shall undergo, on the request of the 3 (three) Chefs some skill or cooking tests that any cook should be able to fulfil. According to manner in which the contestants present themselves within these tests, the Chefs shall select the contestants that shall remain in the contest.

In this stage, each Chef shall form a team to compete with in the next stages. Following the stages that the contestants shall undergo, each Chef shall choose a number of 6 (six) contestants to be part of his team. After all the places in the Chefs’ teams have been occupied, the remaining contestants shall be eliminated. Yet, including throughout the development of the tests in this team, any of the Chefs shall be able to eliminate no matter how many contestants they consider to be necessary, if they appreciate that they do not manage to appropriately fulfill the tests they have undergone.

Stage no. 4 : Face offs

In the Face offs stage, the competition shall be carried out by teams. In this team, Chefs turn into team leaders.  They will not cook together with the team, but they will coordinate the teams and shall give instructions.

Within each edition, the contestants shall cook according to a theme established by the Producer.  The appreciation of the dishes shall be made by a series of persons who are connected to the theme suggested by the Producer for the concerned edition, hereafter referred to as “Tasters”.  Their number shall be established by the Producer at his own option.

According to the dishes prepared by the teams, tasters shall give grades.  The producer shall draw up a leader board taking into consideration the given grades. The team that will receive the highest score shall become immune to elimination.

The contestants from the two remaining teams will compete again, but this time not in teams, but individually. In this second part of the Face off, the Chefs shall turn again into Judges, subsequently appreciating the dishes prepared by the Contestants. The appreciation of the dishes will be made by Chefs, without knowing who has prepared it Following the appreciation of the Chefs, at least one contestant shall be eliminated from the contest.

Stage no.5 :  Semi-finals

In the Semi-final, the competition transforms itself and from now on, until the end of the contest only individual tests shall take place.

In this stage the 3 (three) Chefs will become judges again and will appreciate the dishes prepared by the contestants remaining in the contest The 3(three) Chefs will taste each dish presented, without knowing wo prepared it. Following the tests they shall undergo and the appreciation of the Chefs, only 2 (two) contestants shall remain in the contest, the rest of them being eliminated.

Stage no. 6: The Final

In the Final there will be only 2 contestants who will compete between them. In this stage the finalists will have to prepare a full menu.

The judging of the dishes prepared by the two finalists will be made by a series of famous chefs. Their number shall be established by the Producer, at his own option, but it won’t be lower than 10 (ten). The jury thus established will appreciate the dishes prepared by the two finalists and will establish the grand winner of the contest.

The decision of the Producers regarding any dispute that derives from voting, within any edition of the show, shall be final and binding and shall not right of complaint or appeal.

The prize of «CHEFI LA CUTITE» show has a total gross amount of EUR 30,000 (thirty thousand) euro and is granted to the contestant that was declared winner of the contest.

The prize shall be granted by Antena Tv Group S.A. or by a sponsor, or partly by the Beneficiary and partly by a sponsor, as Antena Tv Group S.A. shall decide. The prize shall be granted in cash/or products /services, their total cumulated amount being the one mentioned above, the percentage between the amount granted in cash and/or products being subsequently established in an unilateral and discretionary manner by the Producer. The prize shall be handed in by Antena Tv Group SA [or in case there is a sponsor appointed by the Producer that shall grant the prize, the latter shall be handed in by Antena TV Group SA together with the concerned sponsor] within maximum 90 (ninety) days from the date of broadcasting of the last edition (final edition) of the contest show.

The project to which the  present regulation refers is carried out in agreement with the provisions of the Tax Code valid on the date of signature of the present document, so that the tax for the prize, both in cash as well as in products/services, shall be withheld by « Antena Tv Group S.A.» from the prize owed to the winning contestant. The quantum of the tax corresponding to the prize in products shall be communicated in writing by the Producer and/or Beneficiary to the Contestant within 10(ten) days from the date of broadcasting of the final edition.

Any other obligations of tax nature  or of any other nature, in relation to the won prizes, are exclusively incumbent upon the Contestant.

Chapter II. Participation to the contest show:

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he guarantees that he is in full health condition, from all points of view, suffering from no disease or deficiency that might aggravate the carrying out of the contest show.

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he guarantees that there is no legal or contractual incapacity that might cancel the undertaken obligations.

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he guarantees that, after the completion of the shootings to which he will participate, the Producer can no longer be forbidden to broadcast /use the contest show, the image, the voice and/or the name, without this limitation having a restrictive nature but only illustrative.

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he confirms that he has been warned and informed on the concept and structure of the contest show. The contestant confirms the fact that, in case he is declared winner of any prize, he wants the Producer to pay/hand in the prize directly to the case to the benefit of which he has understood to compete.

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he confirms that it is his responsibility to minimize the injury risk in relation to him but also with other persons, that might occur throughout the carrying out of the contest show. These risks include, but are not limited in any way to: body injury, permanent handicap or even death, emotional suffering, private life invasion, insult or calumny or material damages.

By the registration of the contestant at the contest show, he confirms that he understands and accepts the fact that any appearance he has within the contest show (including during the pre-selections, auditions, rehearsals, preparations etc, with the possibility of shooting the images even with hidden camera) is intended to the utilization of the contest show, its promotion or promotion of any other type of program, product or service, unlimited in time, space or as number of methods of promotion and by any means. The contestant understands and accepts that any breach of the provisions of this article would cause irrevocable damages and prejudices that could not be reasonably and appropriately compensated by damages paid following an action before the court and this is why, the contestant does not expressly accept the fact that the Producer or a third party authorized by him shall be entitled to take any  legal measures and enforce any equitable penalties in order to prevent and/or repair any breach or threat of breach of the provisions of this article.

By the registration at the contest show, the contestant confirms that he undertakes to exactly observe the program and the conduct norms established by the Producer, otherwise, the Producer reserves the right to eliminate all the contestants that by conduct or breach of the required norms, bring prejudices to the entire team and/or contest show.

The producer shall provide all the technical conditions necessary to the carrying out, production, record and broadcasting within the programs of “ANTENA 1”,  TV station for the first broadcasting, of the contest show.

The contestant agrees to participate to the contest show la prepared by the Producer, on the established site and date, as well as under the established conditions and undertakes to obey on time and unconditionally all the decisions of the Producers’ representatives, decisions regarding the contest show.

The producer does not accept that thanking from the contestants any kind of compensation in cash or objects. Any such attempt shall be penalized to the detriment of the team he is part of.

The producer reserves the right to make the necessary decisions to carry out this contest show under normal conditions, expressly accepted by each contestant.

The producer can make an appropriate norm, at any moment of the contest, for anything is not envisaged in this regulation and the decision must be accepted by the contestants.

If on the recording of the contest show, for various reasons a test is not satisfying for the Producer, he can request the contestants to repeat the moment or he can request the contestants to make another test or to partly change the test.

The contestant confirms that he has taken note of the provisions of the regulation of the contest show, as well as that it undertakes to exactly observe this regulation.

Contestants eliminated at any of the editions of the contest show obey the rules of the contest until the end of the show, not having any claim (of financial or other nature) from the Producers.

Contestants that participate to the contest show, expressly undertake to answer the Producers’ requests, to remain in the recording studios for the time necessary for the rehearsal and recording of the contest shows. Considering that the participation to the contest show is voluntary and taking into account the involved costs for producing the show, the Producer may request compensations corresponding to these costs, damages and prejudices to the participants that, without a sound cause, decide to abandon the recording before it is concluded.

The producers reserve the right to eliminate any contestant who does not observe the present regulation, who has an inappropriate attitude, who creates problems both before, as well as during the shootings.

Contestants cannot refuse to participate to any of the tests of the contest show.

The persons or their relatives up to the second kindred degree that work at the Beneficiary /Antena TV Group cannot participate to the contest show.

Chapter III. General issues:

The present regulation refers to the participation of the contestants to the contest show that shall be broadcast for the first time by Antena 1 television station.

The producer may freely assign the rights/obligations incumbent upon him and may transfer any of his obligations related to the participation of the contestants to the contest show and any assignee may further assign or transfer. No waiver to exercise a right shall be considered a final waiver or for the future of this clause or a possibility of breach of any kind of this clause. No waiver, amendment or cancellation of any clause shall be considered valid unless made in writing and signed by the Producer.

The rules from the present convention shall be mandatory to fulfill by all the contestants that participate to the contest show.

The presence and the participation to the contest show of the CONTESTANT selected by the Producer, is mandatory.

The winning team must accept all the offered prizes (prize in cash and/or products), not having the possibility to choose to partly accept the prize. If by a certain circumstance, the CONTESTANT decides not to accept any prize, the CONTESTANT shall lose all the rights regarding the concerned prize, in its entirety. The winning Contestant’s waiver of the prize shall be made in writing or by other actions/facts that unequivocally lead, according to the Producer’s appreciation, to the intention of the concerned winning Contestant not to fully accept the prize. The PRODUCERS shall under NO circumstances be able to replace the prize. In this case the PRODUCER shall award the concerned prize, in its entirety, to the next classified contestant in terms of scoring.

The Producer is the only one authorized to establish and to bring amendments /supplements to the script, direction, Regulation and any other elements of the contest show or to the activities that are related to this contest-show. In this case, this must be notified after making the concerned decision, by the Producer s that all the contestants are informed on the performed amendments.

The contestant confirms that before the registration to the contest show, all the rules thereof have been communicated to him, he has taken note of the provisions of the Regulation of this contest-show, that he undertakes to exactly observe, subsequently cooperating and following in this respect all the Producer’s indications. The Producer shall make the final decision in all respects (including those regarding the selection of the participants and the decisions related to the contest show), in this respect the producer reserving the right to change, add, remove, and to amend these rules. The manner of judging the contest show to which the contestants shall participate shall be determined only by the Producer.


I guarantee to the Producer and I undertake that:  

I am fit to conclude the Agreement corresponding to my participation to the show and to actually participate to the contest show;

I am 16 years old on the date of registration in the contest;

I have read and I understand all the terms established in this Regulation and the rules/presentation of the contest show, that I undertake to observe;

I agree with the fact that the Producer can change, amend, transform or supplement this Regulation and/or the rules of the contest show, at any moment (that can be before the recording of the contest show or during the contest show) and I agree to obey the terms of this Regulation and/or the rules of the contest show in force at any moment;

I will fully participate to each of the aspects of the contest show  until I am eliminated from the contest show, and I accept that I will participate to the carrying out of the editions of the contest show subsequently to my elimination from the contest, as far as this will be requested by the Producer;

I undertake that nothing from my performance within the contest show (hereafter referred to as „Contribution”) (whether it is explicit or  by involvement, by means of the voice modulation or by gesture and in any other way) shall breach the copyright (or any other right) or the right of any person, shall breach any agreement or moral obligation, shall calumniate, shall be blaspheming or obscene, or in any other way that might derogate from or affect the reputation of the Producer (or of the tv station);

Upon the Producer’s request, before the start of the shootings, I will undergo an examination carried out by a physiatrist un or by another relevant psychiatric specialist appointed by the Producer, for an appropriate evaluation of my mental health, and I agree that the results of this examination can be shared to the Producer, tv station and to any other concerned party.

I  shall not take or distribute drugs and/or forbidden substances  for the increase of performance, drugs, hallucinogen substances, alcohol, throughout the contest show or at the shootings of my Contribution, and I will not encourage others to do this, and in case I am aware of another participant who does it, I will immediately inform the Producer on this issue;

I shall inform the Producer on any information or facts in relation to my Contribution that might question the integrity of my Contribution or might derogate from or affect the reputation of the Producer and/or of the tv station (including, in order to avoid any doubts, details or accusations that can be raised against me starting from the date of the present document until the date of transmission of the last episode of contest show on Antena 1 tv station included);

I do not deceive the  Producer (or to the tv station) about my identity, my experiences, any information about and in relation to it, and in any other way  and I confirm that I have been honest, open and sincere throughout all my discussion I have had, in the documents/ questionnaires that I have filled in and given to the Producer and /or to the tv station, in every aspect;

In case the Producer will request me this, I will supply under signature a receipt issued by a public service (but not a mobile telephony one) mentioning  my current address, a copy of my passport and a proof of my place of work;

I am not a journalist or a reporter in search of a subject for publication;

I will not promote any type of products, services or business throughout my participation to the contest show, and I will never promote any type of products, services or business within the show;

I will not raise any kind of claims against the Producer or his successors, against his assignees, for any kind of remuneration related to the utilization of the rights within the tv program;

As soon as the Producer and /or the tv station requests me to, I shall fill in a health statement (in the form that will be supplied to me, in case this will be requested), and I will also make available any information that will be requested from me by the Producer in this respect;

I will not request to be contestant or participant to any other contest, game or reality show throughout the period when I am analyzed for the participation to the tv program or after my selection as contestant or back up contestant within the tv program;

I will guarantee the Producer against all and any costs, damages, expenses and liabilities (including of legal taxes, but without limitation to these) that derive from any breach of the agreements, of the guarantees and/or engagements contained in the agreement regarding the participation to the show and the present Regulation.


Any attempt to tie a friendship with the members of the production team shall be reason of exclusion. The producer’s decision is final and irrevocable, without exceptions!



From the moment the shootings start, until the day of the last broadcasting you are under the signed agreement. The confidentiality clauses forbid you to give any interview to the journalists (press, tv, internet etc.) in which you tell about your experiences from the show, except for the interviews coordinated by the PR department of Antena 1, as well as to post on the internet or communicate any information to other persons, directly or indirectly, and irrespective of the form under which they are communicated.  Any breach of the agreement shall bind the producers to enforce the contractual clauses and to take the most drastic legal measures.


Throughout the participation to the show you are required to observe the regulation included in this annex.

If one of the contestants commits acts of vandalism on the site where the shootings are carried out, or acts of physical and/or verbal aggression on another contestant or on any member of the team, he shall be disqualified on the spot and excluded from the contest and from the shootings, subsequently bearing the legal consequences of this act.



All the decisions related to the tv program, including, but without limitation to them, those related to the regulation, eligibility conditions, selection of the Contestants, production of the tv program, carrying out of the contest show  and the decision of disqualifications and granting of the Prizes in the case of any breaches by the Contestants of the provisions of the present Regulation or of any agreements concluded between the parties, are at the Producer’s exclusive option, are final and cannot make the object of complaints or appeals.

Contestants must immediately inform the Beneficiary in case they know the presenter, the Co-presenter, any person within the production personnel or the employees of the Beneficiary, or any other person that works on the show.

In order to be declared winners of the announced prizes, the Contestants must fulfill all the requirements related to eligibility. After appointment as winner of any prize, he shall be paid by the Producer directly to the case for which the Contestant has decided to register in the contest and to compete.


The breach of any of the Rules or the breach of an agreement or of any declaration by a Contestant shall lead, at the Producer’s sole option, to the elimination of the Contestant from the contest show and to the loss of any Prizes, of any amounts of money won by the Contestant, even if these have already been granted to him.

The present Regulation has been drawn up in accordance with the Romanian legislation. Any reference to the law and/or legislation in the present Regulation refers to the law and/or legislation in force in Romania. Disputes of any nature deriving from the execution of the present agreement shall be amicably settled and in case no solution agreed by both PARTIES is reached, the dispute shall be submitted to the Romanian competent court in order to settle it.


Besides the rules and conditions specified in the present document, Contestants can be disqualified or taken out of the show, at the Producer’s sole option, for any of the following reasons, but without limitation to them:

i) breach of any rule that is related to the competition or of any instruction of the Producer;

ii) breach of any agreement with the Producer in relation to the tv program;

iii) breach of any law;

iv) conclusion of agreements for the achievement of financial benefits or receipt by the Contestants of such similar advantages from any of the other Contestants, from any of the relatives of any Contestant, from any third party, agent or affiliate of any Contestant, or from any member, agent or affiliate of the Producer, from any person from television or from any distributor, or from any of the sponsors of the tv program, in exchange of some deliberate, premeditated  actions, that could affect the result of the contest show. Such agreement can include, but without limitation to these, the acceptance of some amounts of money or of a job after the production of the tv program, in exchange of willful loss of the contest show or of a willful weak performance during the contest show;

v) in case of a dishonest or immoral conduct, that shall be appreciated by the Producer, at his exclusive option, including, but without limitation to the injury of other Contestants or of the personnel working on the production, or their threat by injury, violent conduct, crimes or fraud;

vi) willful prevention of the work of the production personnel;

vii) in case of sickness or occurrence of other health issues that affect the Contestant’s ability to participate to the contest show;

viii) hiding from the Producer’s medical team of some symptoms or information; and

ix)             physical violence under any form.

Another contestant (the backup contestant selected for this purpose by the Producer) can replace, at any moment, at the Producer’s option, the Contestant taken out of the competition following disqualification.


Operator’s identity

The organizer of the contest show «CHEFI LA CUTITE», Antena TV Group SA, headquartered in Bucharest, Bd. Ficusului nr. 44A, et.4, corp A, zona 2, Sector 1, Trade Register no. J40 /3765/1991, Sole Registration Code RO1599030, part of the Intact Media Group is also the Operator of Your Personal Data, hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "the Operator" and / or "We". As Operator of personal data, we communicate this Information Notice in order to explain how we process your personal data in the contest show. For more information, please contact the Data Protection Officer of Antena TV Group SA at the e-mail adress [email protected]

Categories of Personal Data processed

We collect and process personal data that you (“Data Subject”), as guest or participant or contestant or as a person accompanying the same, as applicable provide as part of your interaction with us, either by filling out the registration or participation forms, or verbally or in written in any way whatsoever (e.g. Questionnaires filled in before the shooting or telephone interviews, or when you register to use our services, when you participate in discussion forums, etc), or that you disclose through your voluntary presence within the contest show.

The data that we process may include the surname and name, the address, the ID Card data, the personal identification number, the telephone number, the email address, your personal description, age, date of birth, citizenship/nationality, gender, image, voice, signature and other personal data regarding your preferences,occupation and/or your behavior/own person/opinions, if they are manifestly revealed by you or derive from your performance in the contest show and other similar information after case, if applicable.

We may also collect and process special personal data related to you (eg. information about philosophical beliefs, health, sexual life  or sexual orientation, etc.) if (i) the data are / were voluntarily disclosed by the data subject; (ii) the data are of public interest; (iii) the data are relevant for participation in the contest show; (iv) we are obliged to process by law; and / or (v) you have explicitly expressed your consent to this processing, and none of the cases mentioned above are applicable.

In case in which you are going to supply personal data on another person, then you will have to make sure that you have the right to disclose these personal data to the Operator and that, without taking other measures, the Operator shall be allowed to collect, use and disclose those personal data, as described herein. Especially you must ensure that the respective natural person is aware of all the issues discussed herein, as they concern that natural person, including the Operator’s identity, the modality of contacting him, the purposes for which the data are collected, the Operator’s practices for disclosing the personal data (including disclosure to various recipients), the right of the natural person to gain access to the personal data and to file complaints on the management of the personal data and the consequences of not supplying the personal data (like the impossibility of carrying out the Agreement).

The purposes for which Personal Data is processed and the legal grounds of such processing

Your personal data and other information communicated at the registration in the contest show are used by the Company for your registration and participation in that contest show which, from the legal point of view, involves the grounds of concluding a contract between the participant and the organizer, as well as the Operator’s legitimate interest to verify the age of the participating persons in order to take the necessary measures in this regard.

So in order and under "performance of the contract", we use your personal data for the following allowed purposes: for realization of the video/audio/photo materials, for your appearance and/or participation in the pre-selections, selections, recordings, appearances or participation in the show contest or in the promotion campaigns for the respective show, for the broadcasting or publication in any way whatsoever of the photos, video recordings, audio recordings or audiovisual recordings and, in general, for the public communication of the show for certain journalistic, artistic and/or literary purposes.

For certain processing for journalistic purposes, the Operator may ground the processing also on the performance of a duty serving a public interest (the grounds provided for by art. 6 par. (1) letter e of GDPR Rules) and/or the processing refers to personal data which are made public in a manifest way by the data subject (the ground provided for by art. 9 par. (2) letter e of GDPR Rules).

The Operator processes personal data also on the grounds of the legitimate interest to ensure the security in Antena Group headquarters, to guard the interests in court, as well as the actual activity, especially in relation to the production and broadcasting the television programs or other media productions and all the related operations, respectively: (i) pre-selection and selection of candidates/participants for the show; (ii) verification of the information supplied by the candidate/participant on the capacity to participate in the contest show; (iii) protection of the vital interests of the participants in the contest show and offering the adequate protection measures; (iv) offering the appropriate patrimonial rights (if applicable); (v) developing and distributing audio-visual programs; (vi) settling the notifications/claims received by ANTENA TV GROUP SA in relation to the participation in the contest show; (vii) keeping all the audio-visual materials/claims and personal data comprised therein in the company archive for rebroadcasting purposes or for other commercial purposes and others.

In all the cases in which the data is processed based on our legitimate interest in the provision of the services deriving from our specific field of activity, the data shall be used for the following allowed purposes: in case the right to freedom of expression, as stipulated under the laws in force, prevails over the right to image or private life, or for the purpose of complying with the court orders and enforcing and/or protecting our rights and for any relevant purpose and/or related to any of the above. Also, the processing can be made for your interests, if it is necessary to protect your vital interests, but also for detecting and preventing frauds or for ensuring the IT security and of our networks, except for the case in which your fundamental rights prevail as to those interests.

We may process some of your data as a result of the legal obligations related to the archiving and keeping the records of the agreements based on which we had commercial-economic relations, but also of other legal obligations provided for either by the laws applicable to the audio-visual, or in labor relations, accounting, deduction, audit, copyright and other enactments applicable in the Operator’s business.

Processing of personal data for participating in market analysis / surveys, for marketing communication purposes or for invitations to other programs / next program, these processing operations will be carried out under your consent expressly granted. On the basis of express consent, the Operator processes data on the health status of participants in the contest that may pose physical and / or mental health risks for enrollment and participation in the contest in order to take the necessary measures to prevent and protect the health of the participants, as well as in general, to ensure that the competition is conducted in safety and security for the participants.

If we have signed a contract with you to participate in our media programs or productions, we will be entitled to make the program or media production public, even if you later changed your involvement in your media program or production.

Also, depending on the character or nature of a particular program / show or other media production, we can also distribute or otherwise publish photos, video, audio or videotape with you for journalistic. We may also process your personal data within and in connection with certain productions or recordings, and with the broadcast or public release of such productions or recordings for certain journalistic, artistic and / or literary purposes.

In all cases, we will implement confidentiality and transparency standards regarding the personal data we process, according to the principles stipulated under the data protection laws applicable in Romania, including the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and we shall make sure that the data is processed in compliance with all the relevant legal requirements.

For the avoidance of all doubts, the provisions herein do not affect the copyright and other intellectual property rights concerning the production and recordings of television programs or of other media productions.

Personal Data Disclosure

In order to make the show and only if necessary, we may disclose your personal data to authorized parties (data processors) or to other independent operators, mainly service providers or collaborators to whom we outsourced certain services (production companies, service providers offering administrative, professional and technical support, advertising agencies), in order to process personal data for the purposes allowed hereunder, on our behalf and only in compliance with our instructions; to other companies belonging to Intact Media Group, based on the reporting need as well as in the context of the transactions involving a change of the control over the Company or commercial restructuring; to law courts, to law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities or lawyers or other parties, in case such disclosure is proven to be legitimately required for the acknowledgment, enforcement or defense of a right in court or of a natural right or as part of a dispute settlement trial. If your personal data are necessary to be given and processed in another state outside the European Union, the Operator shall make sure that the processing of personal data is according to the security requirements of the processing within the European Community. Company shall keep the control of your personal data and shall use proper protection measures, according to the applicable law, in order to provide the integrity and security of your personal data.

Personal Data Transfer

The information collected from you shall be processed in the European Economic Area, but it is possible for them to reach outside the European Economic Area, depending on the purpose of processing. Antena TV Group SA shall apply adequate guarantees to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data during the transfer and to use them only for and according to the purposes described in this information.  

Data Storage Period

The Personal Data shall be kept for as long as reasonably required for the purposes allowed hereunder or until you withdraw your consent (if the data is processed based in such grounds), or if we no longer are under the legal obligation to continue storing the respective data. Nonetheless, we shall keep your personal data if required to exert or defend our rights in court, up to the end of the relevant retention period or up to the settlement of the respective proceedings in court.

Your rights regarding the Personal Data

Under the reserve of certain legal requirements, the concerned subject shall hold the following rights with regards to the processing of personal data: the tight to access data (which shall consist of the right to obtain confirmation from us as to the processing of personal data concerning you and, if yes, the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold; in case you exert this right in a manner that is obviously abusive or groundless, we shall be entitled to the reimbursement of any and all required cost that we may bear); the right to the rectification of any and all erroneous personal data; the right to obtain the erasure of the personal data (allowing you to obtain the erasure of such data under certain circumstances - for example, in case you withdraw your consent, the processing no longer is required for the purposes for which the respective data was collected or the respective processing is contrary to the law); the right to restrict our use of your personal data under certain circumstances (for example, in case the accuracy of the data is challenged for a period of time allowing us to confirm such inaccuracy); the right to data portability (allowing you to receive the personal data in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format or to have your data transferred to a different operator); the right to object (allowing you to object to the further processing of your personal data under the conditions and within the limits set by the law).

The operator shall make sure you are able to exert all the rights you are entitled to. You also have the right not to be subject to an individual decision, based exclusively on the automatic processing including the creation of profiles; the right to address the court, for the defense of any rights guaranteed by law, as well as the right to be notified by the Operator on the security breaches which have/might have impact on the data subjects’ information.

The operator shall make sure you are able to exert all the rights you are entitled to.

In order to exercise  your rights, you will have to send an email to [email protected] or a written notification to the registered office address. We may request you to provide a proof of identity in order to comply with our security obligations and to prevent the unauthorized data disclosure.

We shall take into account any and all requests or complaints received from the data subject and we shall submit a reply as soon as possible, but no later than 1 (one) month as of the receipt of the request.

In case you are dissatisfied with our reply, you may submit a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing – headquartered at Bd. Gheorghe Magheru nr. 28-30, sector 1, Bucharest.

We hereby reserve the right to periodically update and amend the data processing information note, so as to reflect any and all changes in the manner in which personal data is processed or any amendments in the legal requirements. In the case of such an amendment, the amended version shall be within 15 days as of its publication on our website or from bringing it to the attention of the data subject.


I understand that the designation as winner of any Prize  may depend on my choices, decisions and performances and on those of other persons, as well as that the Producer may require additional conditions, at any moment, on the receipt of any Prize, as far as any tax or other changes occur.  I understand that the Producer reserves the right to change, add, eliminate elements from, amend or modify the Regulation of the contest show and any other activities of the contest show, the procedures and the rules regarding the elimination of the participants from the Program, as well as the granting and withdrawal of the Prizes, at any moment throughout the pre-production, production or post-production stages of the Program (including, but without limitation to these, the right to cancel or not to broadcast the Program, in full, without granting any of the Prizes).  Furthermore, I understand that my participation to the Program and the opportunity to win any Prizes are conditioned by the signature and observance of the present Regulation. The supply by the Contestant of some information which is not true and accurate leads to the loss of any won Prize.

I confirm the fact that I have received, read and understood the present Regulation and that I agree to observe and obey it  (as it is at present or as it may be changed or amended by the Producer, at his exclusive option, before the production and/or at any moment of the production of the contest show ).  

 The present Regulation refers to the participation of the contestants to the contest show that shall be broadcast in first broadcasting by Antena 1 television station.

The contestant understands and accepts that any breach of the provisions of the present Regulation would cause irrevocable damages and prejudices that could not be reasonably and appropriately compensated by damages paid following an action before the court and this is why, the contestant expressly accepts the fact that the Producer or a third party authorized by him shall be entitled to take any legal measures and enforce any equitable penalties in order to prevent and/or repair or breach or threat of breach of the provisions of this article.